Company Culture


People have always relied on Cash to meet their short-term needs. We started out as a company to help people meet their needs in a quicker, convenient and flexible way. We are different from the usual Payday lenders in a lot of different ways.

Our application process is easy and user-friendly. We will help you finish the loan process and help you to get a loan. It does not matter whether you have the necessary paperwork or not. We will guide you throughout.

We pay the requested loan as cash. As every loan is paid in cash, it is very convenient for the customers. Also, the loan application is completed within 10 minutes.
Many people opt for payday loans because they are in a very tough situation. We understand your situation and we help you to the maximum extent. We greet you in a friendly way and our customer service is one of the best in the industry.

We are available for 7 days in a week and in some locations, we are also available 24/7. Extended hours of work means more convenience to our customers.
We are members of the Finance Association in the country. Hence, people can be assured of the fact that we follow the best practices and hence, applying for a loan with us will be the best experience ever!

All our services and products are designed to satisfy the everyday financial needs of the people, especially for those who cannot avail the mainstream financial solutions. Our name is a household name in the country because we help people to manage the cash flow in short term.

Agate Paysages works around two principles – Flexibility and Transparency. All our process is automated and the processing is done based on the information provided by or clients. The clients’ information is cross-checked and checked for affordability before approval of the loan.